My Blog on CBD oil.

Today is Sept 8 2017, I have been searching the web for CBD oil, (hemp oil).

I have looked at a lot of sites, from both Canada and the US. I have decided on a Canadian site. It is cheaper and no money exchange.

When I get the oil, I will start to post my results here and let people know how and if it is  working.

I am trying this mostly for pain, but it is suppose to help a lot of different things.

If it works for me, maybe it will work for people that are in worse shape then me.


I Am OK Really!!!!

The other day I wrote a blog called Two Days. Since I wrote it I have had a lot of comments about it from people that are worried about me…

Please don’t be, I am fine, I was just getting my frustrations out in words and thoughts.

I am back to being my sunny, sweet and adorable self. Like my Mom used to say…”I can’t be happy all the time”.

Thanks for the concern and thanks for reading my blog.

You all know how I love the attention…….lol


Two Days

Two Days
Day One: The Bad Day
Today I spent the day crying and feeling sorry for myself about all the crappy things that are happening. I even called my mom and cried on her shoulder for awhile, which I haven’t done for a long time. (Man that felt good).
My computer was acting up all day. The internet wouldn’t work right: the programs were slow or just not doing what they were supposed to do. Every time I went on Skype, it would close down and knock me off, so I couldn’t even talk to my friends. I had a tourney to do at 3 pm and I really didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. I really didn’t want to do it anyway because I wasn’t feeling very sociable by this time.
So I contacted my trainee and told him to go in and do the tourney with the other TD. Then I left the site, shut down my computer, went upstairs, crawled under the covers, and slept all day. When I got up, I didn’t really feel any better, so I whined at Jack when he called and started a fight with him. I was just a total bitch. Of course, poor Jack had no idea what was going on so he worried about me all night and didn’t get much sleep. I don’t know why he puts up with me.
A little later, I turned on my computer and praise be…it worked just fine. I went on the crib site and my friend, Julie, was there, so we skyped and I was starting to feel better. (She always makes me feel better).
So Julie said, “There is a doubles crash tourney at 10:30. Do you want to play?” I debated, but then agreed, and we won. That was good. I like to win.
Good end to a bad day……..ok on to day two.
Day Two: The Good Day
Jack has been out of work for a while and the bills were really starting to pile up. Every day I get phone calls from one credit company or another: very disheartening and frustrating.
I am a pretty up-beat person, but things like this get to even me once in a while and I just want the damn phone to stop ringing. So I bought an internet phone device that gives me phone service but no one has the number unless I give it to them. Problem solved. Not! I turned off the ringer on the regular phone and the calls went to messages. Then I would check them later, if at all. (They never leave messages anyway).
Well, I thought that was the answer, but then the internet phone started acting up. People could call but it would hang up right away. And most times they couldn’t hear me, so I deduced that the problem was my internet. So I took the internet phone off the line and put the regular phone back on.
That resulted in the credit people calling again. So here is the dilemma: do I answer the phone and talk to them and tell them, “Sorry, I don’t have the money to pay you yet”, or do I let it ring and ring and ring?
Well, I didn’t feel like listening to it ring away all day, and I knew I didn’t have the money to pay them or even make them a promise to pay. As I had told them many times before, certain things had to come first: the mortgage, the truck, and the utilities. We have to live. And yes, we owe these people and yes, we will pay them off. But give us some time to get back on our feet.
So I was in a fighting, feisty mood and thought, “OK you guys, bring it on.” You have to know that I have been dealing with creditors for years. They don’t scare me and they don’t intimidate me. If anything, it’s the other way around.
So I decided to let them call and I would answer. First call: 8:45 am. I answer the phone and they ask for me. I say this is me. And they say, “Can you verify your address and postal code for privacy reasons?” So I do. They tell me they are such and such company and that I owe them this much and, “Will you be making a credit card payment for this amount today?” I kind of chuckle and say, “No.” And they say, “Well, when can you pay (this amount)? And I say, “Well, how about next year or after I win the lottery?” They didn’t think that was very funny. So then I ask them the amount and told them they are on the list. I tell them we are going to talk to a trustee in bankruptcy and after we do they would be contacted. Then I thanked them and hung up.
An hour or so later, another one called; same things said by both of us. Meanwhile, I am writing down the companies’ names, the amounts we owe, and the phone numbers they called from, because the same companies call from different numbers so they can get you one way or the other.
So the rest of the day was pretty quiet and then about 4 pm I got another call. This is where the fun started for me.
“Hello. Is this (my name)?” I said, “Yes.” And they say, “This is (their company name).” I say, “OK.” They say, “Can you verify your name, address, and postal code?” I say, “No”. And they say, “Why not?” And I say, “I don’t want to. What is this about?” And they say, “For privacy reasons we cannot discuss this matter until I verify who you are.” So I ask them if they can prove who they are. I said, “You could be someone trying to hack my computer or just finding out if I live alone. Then come to my house and steal from me and kill me.”
Then I ask again what this is about. And he says, “How long have you lived where you are right now?” I gave him a break and said, “About 7 years.” And he said, “And before that?” I told him. Then he asked me if I ever live at Algonquin and I said, “No, where is that? Isn’t that a park in northern Ontario?” He said, “No, Algonquin Avenue.” Again I said, “No. Where is that?” He said, “In Innisfil. Have you ever lived there?” I said, “No.” He said, “Do you know anyone that lives there?” Again I said, “No.”
So he said, “Excuse me. I need to talk to my supervisor. Hold please.”
A few minutes later he came back on the line and said, “I am sorry. We may have the wrong person. Someone will get back to you about this matter.” I said to him, “That’s why I didn’t want to give you my information. Have a nice day.” And hung up.
It felt so good to get the upper hand for once and make them feel like fools.
My son came home shortly after that and took me out to dinner. I told him the whole story and we had a good laugh about it.
Then I talked to Jack later. I told him what I had been up to all day and put his mind at ease also.
I think he slept better last night. I know I did. Job well done. Nothing makes me feel better than a good fight that I win.
End of Day Two………Good Day.

Teresa's Writing

To Bake or to Buy?

See it sitting on the counter? The decadent chocolate merges into the shimmering cherry sauce.  The ripe red cherries are peeking through the mounds of fluffy white whipped cream. Can you almost taste the mouth-watering scrumptiously soft cake hidden beneath the rich and sinfully wicked toppings? Go ahead. Take a piece. Take a big piece. Fill your drooling mouth with modified starch, propylene glycol and mono fatty acid esters. Yum, Yum.

These are only a few of the interesting ingredients in a store-bought Black Forest cake. This cake was made in a factory, frozen and the put on a store shelf f, for who knows how long.

If I had made that cake at home, it would not have contained all those preserving ingredients. It would have contained good wholesome ingredients, like, flour, sugar, milk and eggs. Things I know are natural and good for you.

I looked up the ingredients that are in a plain white cake mix and guess what? I couldn’t find a definition for most of the additives or preservatives that I mentioned earlier. With results like that it really worry me and made me ask myself, “What are we putting into our bodies?”

In the past few years, because of our busier lifestyles, people everywhere are buying more and more prepared foods. Fast food restaurants do a whopping business because more families are on the go and don’t take the time to sit down to a home cooked family meal. Most families rely on two incomes to survive. So there is no time for family meals and if there is they are most likely frozen or canned.

I am also guilty of this lifestyle. My husband is away all week and there is just me to eat, so I make whatever is fastest and easiest for me.

When the family all gets together we have a nice nourishing meal, mostly complete with homemade dessert.

When I bake (which isn’t as often as my family would like) I bake everything from scratch. This way I take care of two things at once: one, I control the amount of sugar that my family is getting and two; there are no preservatives or additives in what I make. This results in a healthier diet for my family.

The biggest disadvantage that I had when my kids were growing up was that my grocery bills were higher because I had to bake more often because my children would sell their lunches to the other kids at school that had never had homemade cookies or donuts or bread (made a killing)

So although I spent more money on the things to bake with I can honestly say that my family can have their cake and eat it too.


A New World


It sure is a new world out there for some of us older people. All the gadgets and things that are suppose to make life easier.

Well I don’t really know if they make things easier, they make things more accessible. The internet is a valuable tool; you can find a lot of useful things on it. You can shop, do your banking, talk to friends, and send messages around the world in seconds. So I guess that makes things easier, but what happens when things don’t work on the internet or your computer the way that you think they should..You can’t just pound on the keyboard (all thought that’s what my husband seems to think works) or throw it out the window, nope you have to try to figure it out.

I really want to take a course on computers, both the inner works and the outer works. I get very annoyed when I can’t fix the darn thing and have to take it to someone for some stupid little thing. I want to be able to fix it myself.

There are so many good things about the technology that we have now, but there are also a lot of bad things about it.

The worst thing is that there doesn’t seem to be very much personal people contact anymore. People are always on their phone, their iPod or their other devises.

Families don’t eat dinner together anymore and if they do happen to sit in the same room, one or all of them are on some sort of device. Someone texting, someone playing or just talking on their phones.

There is nothing that I hate more than going to a restaurant and seeing people sitting there and talking or texting on their phones.  What in life is so important that they can’t just sit and enjoy each other’s company? My husband and I don’t even take the phone in with us; we would rather just have the time to talk to each other. Time is short and you never know when yours or someone else’s time is up. Then you sit back and say to yourself, why didn’t we spend more quality time together just talking and being together.

Families need to spend more time together, family dinners are a thing of the past.  Everyone rushes to get to their computers or phones to contact the people that really are not that important.

I am just as bad as everyone else, I don’t have a cell phone, but the first thing I do in the morning is sit down at the computer with my tea and light a smoke and check my emails.  The good thing is that now Jack and I are trying to spend more time together, we eat breakfast in the kitchen, sometime , making it together or just sitting there talking about things that we need to do or what’s going on in our lives. With Jack being gone for most of the week, the short amount of time that we spend together is priceless.

Although recently…seems like we spend more time fighting..Oh well at least we are talking and not on the phone. Then it’s time to make up……and that’s good.


Getting back on the Horse

Well, here it is the middle of March and I am still waiting for some signs of spring..A bird, a sunny warm day, or just no snow..
Haven’t seen any of those things yet..I think spring has been cancelled.
We will go straight to pot holes and flooding.
I have been pretty well house bound since Nov and am starting to go a little stir crazy.
I spend way too much time on the computer and smoke way too much…I need spring. I need to get out in my garden and get my hands dirty with the rich smell of dirt.
If I can stand the smell of the cows.
I really do have a lot of ideas for things to write about, but I have to get a really big roundtoit to push me to do it.
I have started a novel, I have some poems that I want to write out and stories that I did years ago that I want to edit and share with everyone.
If I could make myself sit here and write the things that are going through my head, I would have pages and pages.
The words are there but won’t leave my brain.
I guess they are just not ready to come out yet..maybe they are waiting for spring also.
This is a start…I am close to the horse, but afraid to get on.
One step at a time…hope it doesn’t kick me to get me going, but maybe that’s what I need.
Have a great day everyone…and I hope to post more soon


It Could Happen!


It Could Happen!

I have an older friend. She is a wonderful lady in her mid 60’s.  She lives in a town that has a large population of young men who need a place to board while they work away from home.

Right now she has 2 young men boarding with her; they are both in their early 30’s. So this woman is like a mom to them. They have the run of the house, and as long as they clean up after themselves and don’t damage anything, their board is pretty cheap as compared with other houses around the area.

One day when she thought that both of the guys were sleeping after working all night, she went in to have a shower. The main bathroom is on the second floor and right across from her bedroom.

So not thinking anything of it, after her shower she went to streak across the hall and into her room to get dressed and ready for the day.

She no sooner opened the bathroom door when one of the young men was standing right at the door….


So there she was, totally naked and this poor young man’s eyes popped out and his mouth dropped and he looked scared to death.  She just looked at him and said,  “ well sorry about this sweetie, but you might as well get used to it, because one day your wife will look like this too.”

Then she went into her room and closed the door, got dressed and went about her day.

The poor young man couldn’t look at or talk to her for days…


Sister Time

My sister and I go to Nova Scotia every year in the spring.  It’s our little vacation away and some quality sister time.  We leave really early in the morning, my sister has to drag me out of bed and get me to a Timmy’s stat. After I have my coffee and sandwich, I am more alive. I can at least talk coherent

She is the driver and I am the co-pilot, a job I am very good at I might add….no gps for this gal. So our first destination is the casino in Gananque, We spend some time there, sometimes winning but mostly not. Then we might have lunch there and then on the road again.

It’s funny that we can travel for a 1000 miles and never seem to run out of things to talk about.

Our next stop is in Levis Quebec where we spend the night, sometimes we go to French Bingo, let me tell you this is fun, since neither one of us speaks French.

So we just have to wing it…hoping that we get someone that speaks English, we barrage the people around us with questions. Lots of times I will go to the management and tell them that we are from Ontario and that this is our first time here and they give us advice and free dabbers…so already we are winners. We spend a fun evening trying to figure out the games and if we won or not….but it doesn’t matter, sister time and bingo…where could you better yourself.

Back to the hotel we go….play some crib and watch a little TV and then off to sleep.

Again, she get drags me out of bed early…sometimes when she is feeling sorry for me…she goes and get me a tea, to hold me over until we can find a Timmys.

On the road again. We are half way there and only have a few more stops along the way.

The drive to Nova Scotia from Ontario is so beautiful in the spring; some places in Northern New Brunswick still have snow in the woods. Every once in a while you will see a snowmobiler riding the trails.

The drive is so different from when we used to make this trip as kids, but those are stories for another time.

So we drive along, listening to music and singing along (badly), but we don’t care, we talk about everything that is going on in our lives all the good, all the bad (mostly mine) bitch about our husbands and kids…just doing what sisters are meant to do. Although we talk to each other every day on the phone, we still have lots to say. It amazes me.

Our next stop is the casino in Moncton.  It so shiny and new and lots of games to win on (or lose). Lunch time again…so we eat and the play some more. Even though it’s a big casino we pretty well stick together and play close to each other, sometimes we go off by ourselves, but always know where to meet……The smoking place. We always seem to find each other.

Now we are only about 4 hours from our parents place, trying to decide if we should go visit with our brother who lives about an hour from where we are or just boot it home to Mom and Dads’

We decide to make a run for it and head to mom and dad’s, although we love to visit with them we know that our mini vacation is almost over, because once we get to mom and dad’s it’s all work for 2 weeks…

We help them get ready for the summer, we bake and cook and make jams and jellies and meals for them that they can just take out of the freezer.

We still get a little time for ourselves there too, we go to bingo and we go to town.

We play a lot of cards with them and listen to Dad tell stories (which I will tell later)

We try to make the trip at the same time Mom’s birthday and mother’s day..We miss out on our mother’s day but it’s nice to spend it with mom because we don’t know how many more we have with her.

Dad takes us all out for breakfast on Sundays…Mom says she is treating today…….opps, I forgot my purse..Oh well Dad, got ya again. When are you going to learn to carry her purse for her…….lol?

Well our time with Mom and Dad is over so we head back home…same route, same routine, more talking, more singing, more fun.

I truly appreciate the time that I get to spend with my sister, I hope when I grow up I am just like her…she is the best.

And I am so glad everyday for her; sometimes I think if it wasn’t for her I would have lost my mind (all of it) a long time ago…

Thanks Linda for always being there for me…..Love Ya


Let’s See where this takes us

Well Hello World.

I am trying out this new blogging thing…so far so good, haven’t made too many mistakes.

So my Blog will be about a lot of different things, my thoughts, my writing, my family, just everyday things that happen. As I get better at it, hopefully the posts will get more interesting.

My name is Teresa, I am married to Jack…we have been married for 39 years this Aug.

We have 3 children, and 6 grandchildren.  More about them I am sure latter.

We live outside of a very small, (don’t blink) town in Western Ontario.

The winters are snowy and cold and the summers are hot and windy…always with the wind.

Our closest neighbors are cows, and more cows and fields. Nice in the summer (except the smell)

but kind of closed off in the winter.

I am on my computer most of the day, I play on a cribbage site called ecribbage.com and I am a Tournment Director there, I run cribbage tourneys, I also train new people to become tournment directors.

I have made some wonderful friends on the site and have met a few of them in person.

The people on the site are from all over the world and it’s great to talk and play with them.

I use skype to talk to most of them, so it is really like meeting them in person.

I also play on another site called safeharbour where I play parchisi and other games.

I play alot on facebook also………darn candy crush….lol

So my days are pretty full with computer things, so I don’t get much housework or anything else done. Oh well I had those days when the kids were small, now it is my time.

My husband works away from home all week so I have time to spend on these things.

I also do quite a bit of baking, exspecially at Christmas time.

I make bread, and donuts and cookies and cakes and lots of other things. I have to take it easy because Jack is diabetic and he doesn’t like to say no to home baking.

So I think this is about all for the first time.

I will have lots of stories for you in the future, but right now I am just getting the feel of this.

But I like it already…

Talk to you all soon